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Meet Erneshya Ray


April 23, 2024

We recently connected with Erneshya Ray and have shared our conversation below.

Hi Erneshya, really appreciate your meeting with us today to talk about some particularly personal topics. It means a lot because so many in the community are going through circumstances where your insights and experience and lessons might help, so thank you so much in advance for sharing. The first question we have is about divorce and how you overcame divorce and didn’t allow the trauma of divorce to derail your vision for your life and career.

Overcoming divorce was a journey that tested every fiber of my being. Initially, I found solace in prayer and surrendering my heartbreak to a higher power. Yet, the pain persisted, and I found myself cycling through stages of grief—crying, reasoning, and even pleading for reconciliation. Eventually, I confronted the harsh reality of the end of my marriage. However, just as I began to find some semblance of acceptance, another devastating blow struck with the passing of my mother. The grief compounded, leaving me feeling utterly shattered. Transitioning her physical body to the ground was a heart-wrenching experience, amplifying the depth of my pain. Yet, through the darkness, I found resilience, drawing strength from the love and memories that remained. Each day became a step forward in healing, a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to endure and emerge stronger from life’s trials.

Thanks for sharing that. So, before we get any further into our conversation, can you tell our readers a bit about yourself and what you’re working on?

Professionally, I thrive as a creative individual, channeling my passion into crafting wearable art through copper jewelry adorned with locally sourced crystals and gemstones. The success of my artistic endeavors has blossomed into a thriving business, offering a diverse array of earrings, anklets, necklaces, bangles, and bracelets. However, amid this journey, I recognized a crucial gap in my knowledge concerning financial management and growth. Determined to maximize the potential of my earnings, I embarked on a quest for financial literacy, delving into investment strategies to secure my financial future. This pursuit led me to pivot towards offering financial literacy coaching, aiming to empower my community with the tools and awareness necessary to accumulate wealth and foster growth through strategic investments. My mission is to advocate for everyday workers, the self-employed, and small business owners, guiding them to allocate a portion of their income towards securing a prosperous future rather than being tethered to endless toil.

There is so much advice out there about all the different skills and qualities folks need to develop in order to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment and often it can feel overwhelming. So, if we had to break it down to just the three that matter most, which three skills or qualities would you focus on?

In my journey, three qualities that have been profoundly impactful are diligence, self-motivation, and a willingness to listen, learn, and accept constructive feedback. My advice for those early in their journey is to recognize the wealth of knowledge available in our modern era. Understand that someone, somewhere has likely attempted and perhaps failed at what you’re endeavoring to achieve. Rather than repeating these mistakes, harness the vast resources at your disposal. Be diligent in your pursuit, sifting through information from various sources, and discerning the most valuable insights. Seek guidance from those who have either succeeded in your desired path or have invaluable lessons from their failures. Additionally, remain receptive to constructive criticism and feedback. Embrace small daily changes, steadily progressing toward your goals. Remember, growth is a continuous journey, and every step forward counts towards achieving the success you aspire to attain.

Okay, so before we go, we always love to ask if you are looking for folks to partner or collaborate with?

I am indeed open to collaborating with ambitious entrepreneurs who possess a CEO mindset. My vision for partnership involves assembling a team of self-motivated individuals who share common goals and aspirations. Particularly, I am keen on collaborating with financial professionals who can assist self-employed individuals, small business owners, and entrepreneurs in navigating the complexities of finance with confidence. Additionally, I am interested in partnering with fellow copper artisan jewelers to strengthen and innovate within the copper jewelry industry. If you’re interested in connecting, feel free to reach out to me via phone at 659-895-6998 or email at You can also find me on various social media platforms by searching my name, Erneshya Ray, or by visiting my Linktree profile under the same name. Let’s join forces and embark on a journey of growth and success together.

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