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Meet Erneshya Ray

April 23, 2024 We recently connected with Erneshya Ray and have shared our conversation below. Hi Erneshya, really appreciate your meeting with us today to talk about some particularly personal topics. It means a lot because so many in the community are going through circumstances where your insights and experience and lessons might help, so thank you so much in advance for sharing. The first question we have is about divorce and how you overcame divorce and didn’t allow the trauma of divorce to derail your vision for your life and career. Overcoming divorce was a journey that tested every fiber of my being. Initially, I found solace in prayer and surrendering my heartbreak to a higher power. Yet, the...

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Voyage ATL Magazine

What sets us apart from other copper creatives is our attention to a minimalist copper design. Our motto is “Something simple that makes a bold statement”. All our jewelry is lightweight and designed with everyday wear in mind.

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The Birmingham Times

Hand-Crafted Jewelry and Timeless Gemstones By Nicole S. Daniel Birmingham Times August 17, 2022   When a friend encouraged her to purchase some gemstones at a retail store in Birmingham and wrap the stone in copper to sell, Erneshya Ray didn’t know that would be the start of a business. “She showed me a lot of pictures and they looked cute and I asked her, if I sell this stuff, would you buy them?” said Ray. Her friend said she would. Ray, now owner of SohGent CA’Belle, sells hand crafted, copper jewelry combined with timeless gemstones that include contemporary jewelry designs. She began the business in 2020 after purchasing copper and tools from area stores and watching YouTube videos to...

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People of Alabama

People of Alabama: Erneshya Ray of Homewood By Tamika MoorePeople of Alabama January 3, 2022 California transplant Erneshya Ray met her future husband while visiting Alabama for a summer. (Tamika Moore / People of Alabama) What brought you to Alabama? “I came here to visit one summer, and I met a guy. We hung out for two days. I told him, ‘Well, I’m flying back home.’ He said, ‘Ok. I want to talk.’ We were long distance for a year and a half and then he flew to California on his 30th birthday, married me and flew back to Birmingham. We started looking to see who was going to relocate. I showed him a two-bedroom apartment in California for $2,500...

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