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About Us

Welcome to The Copper Jeweler Store, SohGent CA’Belle LLC, established in 2021, where the essence of handcrafted Copper Jewelry meets the distinctive spirit of SohGent CA’Belle ™️. We stand as the convergence point where a Southern Gentleman intertwines with a California Belle, blending spirituality with culture.

At SohGent CA’Belle, we specialize in creating exquisite gemstone-infused pieces with 100% copper, fashioning timeless statement jewelry suitable for any occasion and every individual.

Every piece we offer is meticulously handcrafted, reflecting careful thought and precision. Crafted with love, our jewelry aims to awaken spirituality and evoke happiness in those who wear it. We take pride in providing a modern and fashionable approach to wearing cleansed and charged crystals, catering to those who believe in the healing and medicinal properties of gemstones.

Moreover, SohGent CA’Belle offers a 21st-century twist to adorning magnificent copper jewelry, presenting it as a stunning alternative to traditional silver or gold accessories.

Join us on a journey where each piece embodies not just style, but also embodies the power of spiritual awakening, cultural significance, and a touch of modern elegance. Experience the fusion of tradition and innovation with our handcrafted collections, thoughtfully designed to elevate your style and spirit.