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Chakra Bracelet

Chakra Bracelet

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Product Description

100% Copper | Hand Designed | All 7 Chakras | Bracelet

Crystal Properties

According to modern chakra charts, this bracelet contains the 7 corresponding chakra crystals:

  • Red Jasper (Root)     
  • Carnelian (Sacral)
  • Citrine (Solar Plexus)
  • Rose Quartz (Heart)
  • Amazonite (Throat)
  • Sodalite (Third Eye)
  • Amethyst (Crown)

All items are handmade. The pictures shown are a display of the craftsmanship on each individual crystal. When placing an order please note, stone shape and wrap design may slightly differ. 


CAUTION: The information given on this website is not intended to act as a substitute for medical treatment, nor can it be used for diagnosis. Crystals are powerful and are open to misunderstanding. If there is any doubt about their use, a qualified practitioner should be consulted, especially in the crystal healing field.